Wen Zhao 文昭


YouTube: 文昭談古論今 -Wen Zhao Official  

Official Site: https://www.wenzhao.ca


Wen Zhao is one of the leading China analysts and commentators. Being featured by The Economist in its December 2019 issue, Wen’s YouTube channel “文昭談古論今” has attracted over 250 million views and over 640K subscribers since 2017, including non-Chinese viewers. Majority of Wen’s viewers are Mainlanders both in and outside China, with many of them being elite in all walks of life. Best known for his logical and objective analysis, sometimes with a sense of humor, Wen is described by his viewers as a beacon of the Chinese community in pursuing freedom and democracy.

Wen Zhao was born and grew up in mainland China with a master’s degree in Chinese philosophy. Before his immigration to Canada in 2006, Wen had worked in state-owned enterprises and the private sector in Chengdu, China. In the past 14 years, he has been an active writer, commenter, and interviewee of Chinese media in North America, including Voice of America, Radio Free Asia, New Tang Dynasty TV, Epoch Times, Vision China, etc.