Tianliang Zhang 章天亮


Tianliang Zhang 章天亮

Official Site: http://lucentculture.com
Membership Site: https://zhangtianliang.landofhope.tv/
Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/zhangtianliang
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Telegram Official Group: https://t.me/tianliangtimegroup

Dr. Tianliang Zhang is the host of YouTube channel “Tianliang Time” (天亮時分). Starting from April 2019, his channel has attracted 310K subscribers and more than 55 million views as of Dec. 2020, covering a variety of topics, including politics, economy, international relations, public policy, history, religion, culture, and etc.

He co-authored several influential books on Communism, which have been translated into more than 20 languages and distributed worldwide. He is a keynote speaker of “Discussions on Chinese Communist Party Culture”, A twenty-seven episode talk show program, which potentially reached tens of millions people in mainland China due to its secret yet wide distribution. He also authored a full length novel “Transcending the Secular World” (《出塵》,2003), and his collection of commentary articles “Peaceful Transition Path of China” (《中国的和平转型之路》2010). He produced a series of history lecture program “A Grand View on Chinese History” (《笑谈风云》). With 100+ hours of lectures, Dr. Zhang covers all major figures and events from prehistory era to the end of Ming Dynasty (1644AD).

Dr. Zhang is a Falun Gong practitioner. He received his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from George Mason University in 2007. He was also a contributor for Voice of America and Radio Free Asia, and a columnist for the Epoch Times. He is currently an associate professor in Fei Tian College.



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刘鹤被迫检讨,仕途终结,习近平的心态分析;恒大国有化,被一拆为三;美国媒体严厉批评拜登,背后的水恐怕更深(政论天下第513集 20210922)天亮时分
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恒大拖累全球股市暴跌,可能推动中美金融脱钩,中共还能淡定多久?美中科技双边投资锐减96%(政论天下第512集 20210920)天亮时分
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放生孟晚舟,可能吗?《求是》谈林彪“政变”,暗示有军中老虎?恒大深夜公告,习近平放弃恒大了吗?(政论天下第511集 20210919)天亮时分
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中概股接最后通牒;英美澳新同盟,迈出历史性一步,中共气急败坏;申请加入CPTPP,中共明知无望,为什么还要做?许家印会不会锒铛入狱?(政论天下第510集 20210917)天亮时分
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恒大违约在即,官方表态;加州罢免案的结果和启示;Milley将军私通中共是否构成叛国?(政论天下第509集 20210915)天亮时分
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二十大以前,会有副国级官员落马;习近平对美国“三不政策”,美国如何回应?震惊!美国参谋长联席会议主席叛国?(政论天下第508集 20210914)天亮时分
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习近平、曾庆红必有一战;王沪宁和胡锡进,谁会被处理?(政论天下第507集 20210912)天亮时分
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拜习通话,对习近平未必是好兆头;恒大违约,资本市场已经雷声滚滚(政论天下第506集 20210911)天亮时分
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600天不出国门,始于装横,终于认怂;习近平连任难度加大;四国峰会专门针对中共;加拿大大选,保守党要跟中共断交?胡锡进又给习挖坑;(政论天下第505集 20210909)天亮时分
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人民日报突然改口,习近平的阳谋?第三份“历史决议”见分晓;香港支联会四名骨干成员被捕(政论天下第504集 20210908)天亮时分