Tianliang Zhang 章天亮


Tianliang Zhang 章天亮

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Membership Site: https://zhangtianliang.landofhope.tv/
Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/zhangtianliang
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Telegram Official Group: https://t.me/tianliangtimegroup

Dr. Tianliang Zhang is the host of YouTube channel “Tianliang Time” (天亮時分). Starting from April 2019, his channel has attracted 310K subscribers and more than 55 million views as of Dec. 2020, covering a variety of topics, including politics, economy, international relations, public policy, history, religion, culture, and etc.

He co-authored several influential books on Communism, which have been translated into more than 20 languages and distributed worldwide. He is a keynote speaker of “Discussions on Chinese Communist Party Culture”, A twenty-seven episode talk show program, which potentially reached tens of millions people in mainland China due to its secret yet wide distribution. He also authored a full length novel “Transcending the Secular World” (《出塵》,2003), and his collection of commentary articles “Peaceful Transition Path of China” (《中国的和平转型之路》2010). He produced a series of history lecture program “A Grand View on Chinese History” (《笑谈风云》). With 100+ hours of lectures, Dr. Zhang covers all major figures and events from prehistory era to the end of Ming Dynasty (1644AD).

Dr. Zhang is a Falun Gong practitioner. He received his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from George Mason University in 2007. He was also a contributor for Voice of America and Radio Free Asia, and a columnist for the Epoch Times. He is currently an associate professor in Fei Tian College.



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突發:川普海湖莊園遭突襲;寧靜代言鐵鏈女?趙立堅患精神病,真的假的?歐美擠壓中共“一中原則”;二十大最大的觀察點不是連任,而是......(政論天下第759集 20220808)天亮時分
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八萬游客滯留三亞成人質;十萬朝鮮“志願軍”援俄;袁弓夷籌組“香港議會”,兒媳容海恩登報脫離關系(政論天下第758集 20220807)天亮時分
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二十大之後,習會開始全面加速;驚悚的傳聞:“中美電子戰對抗”;川普批評佩洛西,推特創始人說必須終結中共(政論天下第757集 20220806)天亮時分
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中共導彈射歪,日本抗議;三天軍演,三小時爛尾收場;半導體大佬捐款一億美元加強台灣國防;美國將大幅調整對台政策(政論天下第756集 20220805)天亮時分
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中共六處軍演,美國一招兒反擊;為什麼美國也有那麼多投降派?核酸泡沫也要爆(政論天下第755集 20220803)天亮時分
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佩洛西到訪台灣,英德跟進,踩爛中共紅線;中共打出“七傷拳”,狠傷自己,胡錫進倒成贏家(政論天下第754集 20220802)天亮時分
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佩洛西行程上沒有台灣,怎麼看?工信部部長落馬前割腕,政法委書記郭聲琨要出事兒?(政論天下第753集 20220731)天亮時分
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傳佩洛西明日啟程,里根號航母護航,拜習會雞同鴨講;“二舅”的後續事件令人震驚;胡春華捧習踩李,准備入常(政論天下第752集 20220728)天亮時分
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二舅讓張藝謀弱爆了;佩洛西注定成行,軍方准備護航;習近平講話,暗示可能連任十年(政論天下第751集 20220727)天亮時分
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吳啊萍被刑拘與超度李鵬;幾位潤學大師的操作手冊(政論天下第750集 20220726)天亮時分