Tianliang Zhang 章天亮


Tianliang Zhang 章天亮

Official Site: http://lucentculture.com
Membership Site: https://zhangtianliang.landofhope.tv/
Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/zhangtianliang
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/zhangtianliang/
Telegram Official Group: https://t.me/tianliangtimegroup

Dr. Tianliang Zhang is the host of YouTube channel “Tianliang Time” (天亮時分). Starting from April 2019, his channel has attracted 310K subscribers and more than 55 million views as of Dec. 2020, covering a variety of topics, including politics, economy, international relations, public policy, history, religion, culture, and etc.

He co-authored several influential books on Communism, which have been translated into more than 20 languages and distributed worldwide. He is a keynote speaker of “Discussions on Chinese Communist Party Culture”, A twenty-seven episode talk show program, which potentially reached tens of millions people in mainland China due to its secret yet wide distribution. He also authored a full length novel “Transcending the Secular World” (《出塵》,2003), and his collection of commentary articles “Peaceful Transition Path of China” (《中国的和平转型之路》2010). He produced a series of history lecture program “A Grand View on Chinese History” (《笑谈风云》). With 100+ hours of lectures, Dr. Zhang covers all major figures and events from prehistory era to the end of Ming Dynasty (1644AD).

Dr. Zhang is a Falun Gong practitioner. He received his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from George Mason University in 2007. He was also a contributor for Voice of America and Radio Free Asia, and a columnist for the Epoch Times. He is currently an associate professor in Fei Tian College.



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江澤民火化,胡錦濤露面;中共明天將大幅放松防疫措施,調降新冠病毒類別;普京無牌可打,無路可退(政論天下第869集 20221205)天亮時分
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解封已不可逆轉,就像追求自由的腳步;白紙革命成為公民社會成長的溫床;馬斯克的言論自由與利他主義(政論天下第868集 20221204)天亮時分
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秘密文件曝光:普京的失算將習近平拖下水;蘋果准備撤出中國,預示著白紙革命的未來;馬斯克打響對左派的戰爭(政論天下第867集 20221203)天亮時分
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習近平對白紙革命的首次表態,托克維爾預言正在實現;“精准防疫”變“精准鎮壓”?美參議院發布最嚴厲的警告;(政論天下第866集 20221202)天亮時分
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什麼信號?江遺體告別被取消,胡錦濤將很快現身?幾個誤讀和迷思,江派之後並無團派和習派;新冠疫情大面積解封在即(政論天下第865集 20221201)天亮時分
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江澤民死了;曾慶紅危了;盤點江兩大政治遺產(政論天下第864集 20221130)天亮時分
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白紙革命後,大抓捕和大封控;中國新年解封?習近平的致命優勢,恰恰也是他的致命劣勢;這是意識形態之戰(政論天下第863集 20221129)天亮時分
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習近平權威嚴重受損,白紙革命敲響中共喪鐘?美國和聯合國機構發聲;高校提前放假;推薦吉恩·夏普的《從獨裁到民主》(政論天下第862集 20221128)天亮時分
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中國十多個城市「白紙革命」 要求自由