Tianliang Zhang 章天亮


Tianliang Zhang 章天亮

Official Site: http://lucentculture.com
Membership Site: https://zhangtianliang.landofhope.tv/
Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/zhangtianliang
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/zhangtianliang/
Telegram Official Group: https://t.me/tianliangtimegroup

Dr. Tianliang Zhang is the host of YouTube channel “Tianliang Time” (天亮時分). Starting from April 2019, his channel has attracted 310K subscribers and more than 55 million views as of Dec. 2020, covering a variety of topics, including politics, economy, international relations, public policy, history, religion, culture, and etc.

He co-authored several influential books on Communism, which have been translated into more than 20 languages and distributed worldwide. He is a keynote speaker of “Discussions on Chinese Communist Party Culture”, A twenty-seven episode talk show program, which potentially reached tens of millions people in mainland China due to its secret yet wide distribution. He also authored a full length novel “Transcending the Secular World” (《出塵》,2003), and his collection of commentary articles “Peaceful Transition Path of China” (《中国的和平转型之路》2010). He produced a series of history lecture program “A Grand View on Chinese History” (《笑谈风云》). With 100+ hours of lectures, Dr. Zhang covers all major figures and events from prehistory era to the end of Ming Dynasty (1644AD).

Dr. Zhang is a Falun Gong practitioner. He received his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from George Mason University in 2007. He was also a contributor for Voice of America and Radio Free Asia, and a columnist for the Epoch Times. He is currently an associate professor in Fei Tian College.



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最近三次打臉太狠,習近平開始反擊了,放狠話堅持“極限思維”;馬斯克訪華見秦剛,會跟中共勾兌多深? (政論天下第1023集 20230530)天亮時分
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習近平又加速,冷淡回應中美關係“解凍”;中共特使歐洲行,假裝調停遭冷遇;笑果文化“辱軍”後,搖滾行業將面臨寒冬(政論天下第1022集 20230528)天亮時分
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迄今最明確和強硬的警告,台海若有事,美國會下場參戰;“千年大計”成為習近平權力的重要指標;美債危機將解(政論天下第1021集 20230525)天亮時分
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德桑蒂斯宣布參選總統;普京反手抓了習近平的間諜;美繼續制裁中共國防部長;瓦格納軍要撤了,警告普京當心1917革命(政論天下第1020集 20230524)天亮時分
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正規軍一觸即潰,俄反抗軍一夜佔3村鎮,中共高層陷恐慌;贊成武統台灣比例七年降低三層;房市斷崖式下跌,地方城投暴雷(政論天下第1019集 20230523)天亮時分
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烏軍總司令陣亡?俄多地出現反叛運動;再說G7公報,全球化時代已經過去;習近平自我造神的“精神洗禮”(政論天下第1018集 20230522)天亮時分
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巴赫穆特失守?拜登:中美關係將很快解凍;中共將開發自己的星鏈(政論天下第1017集 20230521)天亮時分
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G7公报针对中共,“去风险,不脱钩”这个表态是软是硬?Durham报告会帮助川普2024胜选吗?美国制度会做出哪些改变?(YouTube會員節目第21集 20230520)天亮时分 Edi
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中亞峰會和G7對決,習近平撒幣260億,澤倫斯基現身廣島;美國同意盟國援烏F16;美眾院外委會法案支持台灣參與國際組織(政論天下第1016集 20230519)天亮時分