Jiang Feng 江峰

Jiang Feng 江峰

YouTube: 江峰時刻

Official Site: https://jiangfeng.landofhope.tv


Jiang Feng is the host of YouTube channel “Jiang Feng Times“(江峰


時刻). The show started two years ago and is currently recognized as No. 1 KOL in News & Politics among overseas Chinese YouTube influencers, with 682K subscribers and average 500K to 1 million views of each daily updated program. 

As a strong advocate of conservatism, Jiang is known for his unique analysis of Sino-US relations and profound understanding of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) systematic endangerment to the world, based on his expertise in CCP history and personalities of CCP leaders.  

Jiang is the screenwriter and producer of series of history shows, including “Red Mole in CIA”, “American Civil War”, “General Patton”, etc.