Elmer Yuen

Youtube Channel: 袁弓夷政經評論

Mr. Elmer GongYi Yuan is a Hong Kong citizen, 71 years old. Mr. Yuan is a retired entrepreneur and industrialist in Hong Kong, Mainland China and the US, known for founding technology companies in Hong Kong and the US. Recently, Mr. Yuan has become a top opinion leader and commentator for current affairs in Hong Kong. And he has come to US to call for more supports for Hong Kong young protesters who fight against CCP aggression every day in HK.

Mr. Yuan was born in Shanghai 1949 and moved to Hong Kong around 1952-1957 with his father and elder sister. Yuan’s mother, Nancy Yuen, was imprisoned for 20 years in China for her religious belief before the family reunited in Hong Kong in 1977. Yuan fathered six children, including Yuen Mi Chang, a former policy director of the New Democracy Party in Hong Kong, and Erica Yuen, the former Chairman of People’s Power party in Hong Kong.

Yuan studied optical engineering in Rochester University. Yuan founded the “Tele-Art” series of electronics industry companies which started with production of OEM electronic watches in Hong Kong and later electronic products, such as databanks, organizers and other consumer electronic products in mainland China in the late 70s and the 80s. Among Yuan’s various ventures, Yuan founded (or co-founded) a number of companies in Hong Kong and the United States, including Mission Hills Golf Club,the biggest golf course in the world; Golden Bridge Technology which developed a number essential patents for the 3G and 4G WCDMA system in New Jersey; and Hong Kong Guoye Holdings Co., Ltd.”